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  • Introduction

    Cixi Tiangong Hat Industry Co. manufactures all kinds of hats, artistic bags, artistic head wear with over 25 year experience of producing and exporting. The business can be traced back to 1990 and was officially founded in 1994, and has now grown to a market leader within the industry.


    We own a historical factory site and an international trading company with the right of importing and exporting by ourselves. We are a completely exported hats manufacture that provide hats to oversea buyers such as North America, European, Australia, South Africa, Brazil, Korea, Japan and etc.


    Our main products include: 100% wool felt hats, sinamay hats, various straw hats and hat bodies, paper hats, paper yarn hats, twisted sea-grass hats, bao straw hats, paper braid hats, raffia straw hat, sisal hats, jute hats, cotton hats, baseball caps, and all kinds of head wears etc.


    It is most important for us to satisfy the requirements of our clients, with a guarantee of always providing high quality products at competitive prices, punctual delivery and excellent service. Therefore, we have upgraded our factory with new facilities and working teams over the past few years.


    TianGong has over 25 year experience on exporting and working with global partners, including many international brands. We fully understand the requirements of present and potential customers, managing our production with well established processes by guaranting a safe and fast delivery


    For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to receiving any of your detailed inquiry and are looking forward to cooperating with you in the near future.


  • Mission & Culture

    Best quality products with best customer services under best price

    Our Mission:

    TianGong has always been making every effort to give our clients the best quality hat in the market, providing them with the best customer service in business and delivering everything under a fair price. We are proud of what we do and going to continue this hand craft tradition by generations and spread it to all over the world.


    Our culture:


    Putting People First

    Hats making is an industry that combines traditional hand craft with modern techniques. Thus, we always put our employees in the first place to allow them achieve their personal values while working efficiently.

    Exploring the Future with Innovation

    We believe that R&D is the lifeline for our growth, and only by innovating our products and improving our technologies can we grow steadily.

    Creating Entrepreneurial Spirit

    At TianGong, we encourage everyone to build up an entrepreneurship within or without the team, who can always play as a leader and give opinions on any product design/production process/customer service etc. This helps us to explore the problems at the first moment and seek for solutions together with our employees.

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